Brunch at Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery: 46 rue des Martyrs Paris 9ème Rue des Martyrs is one of my favourite streets in Paris. Why? Because (almost) everything is about food there! Maybe two thousands years after all Parisian foodistas, I have tried Rose Bakery. So on that Sunday morning, I decided to throw myself out of my bed and … Continue reading

Singapore City Guide

Singapore. Buildings. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit, yes, the subway, not a medicine). Food courts. People. Lots of people. Ion Orchard. Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street. “If you are continuing your journey on the North East line, please alight at the next station”. The MRT voice. So many memories! 1) Chinatown: This was my favourite … Continue reading

Instagram (food) diary

Friends, family, colleagues… almost everyone knows that I am obsessed with food. I snapped lots of pictures with my mobile phone and uploaded them on Instagram. I thought it would be a good idea to show them here with more details and advises! So, let’s have a restaurant/café/food review! N.B.: Here is my Instagram account! … Continue reading

Still in Barcelona: Ferrum and En Ville (restaurants)

My new favorite restaurant in Barcelona is Ferrum (Carrer de Corsega, 400, Eixample district). Thanks Jessie ;) We started with a cocktail (huge choice of gin tonics) in the cocktail bar next to the restaurant. The traditional pa amb tomaquet (bread with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes) and jamon iberico de bellota (those pigs only … Continue reading