Christmas rush!

Difficult to find great ideas for Christmas gifts? I spent a few hours on Etsy lately and I found amazing stuffs! I thought that it would be great to share this with you! P.S.: I may be a bit obsessed with wool felt right now, but don’t pay attention ahahah Let’s start with accessories: Wool … Continue reading

Currently obsessed

Bicycles Géraldine Saglio Food like always High heels Knits Source: Tumblr, Garance Doré, Jak & Jil, Dreams are picturing the world


Red and rose (my favorite ones are from Guerlain, dark red on the left and Nars, light rose) New foundation (perfection) Punjab tint Comfy carpet Wool Navy and beige P.S.: I have not blogged for a while, but I feel more like taking pictures and pictures than writing for the moment. And I also take … Continue reading

À la recherche du printemps perdu

C’est lorsqu’il fait un froid glacial dehors que je me mets à penser au printemps, aux rayons de soleil, au ciel bleu, aux terrasses des cafés (sans réchaud) et bien sûr, aux tenues légères et colorées. Je vais bientôt me confronter à deux mariages pour les beaux jours à venir et aussi au fatidique choix … Continue reading

Some of my uniforms and stuffs (or almost)

I tried to recreate my usual outfits on Polyvore but I must say that it is not easy to find the real clothes I wear. Anyway, these are 3 “uniforms” that I really like with things which look like what I have. Uniform 1: maybe to go to school, to do some shopping or to … Continue reading

Wardrobe investments ?

(source : Dead Fleurette, really love her blog) I am fed up with Zara and H&M (OMG, why do I say that ?). I always find pretty things to buy which are always cheap, but eventually, I do not really love these clothes. The ones I really cherish are those that I planned buying months … Continue reading