Brunch at Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery: 46 rue des Martyrs Paris 9ème

Rue des Martyrs is one of my favourite streets in Paris. Why? Because (almost) everything is about food there!

Maybe two thousands years after all Parisian foodistas, I have tried Rose Bakery. So on that Sunday morning, I decided to throw myself out of my bed and arrive early at Rose Bakery for brunch (because you cannot book a table).

There is no “brunch menu”. Everything is to be ordered separately. I had pancakes and scones, one latte and one fresh fruit juice. Almost the same for my brunch friend except for eggs. Pancakes were very good (and with bananas, they are even nicer). Fruit juices are good too, freshly served and full of vitamins (very important for your health, right? not like in a burger). Coffees were all right. But scones were not good. Maybe too dry and it was impossible for me to put butter without breaking them.

Rose Bakery is a nice place to have lunch (not for brunch I would say) in a vintage/industrial/minimalist/cosy interior. And for me it was too expensive for what I had (25 euros), considering quality and quantity, compared to Colorova for example (best Parisian brunch EVER, also for 25 euros, it seems that I have been there all the time for the last months).




2 Responses to “Brunch at Rose Bakery”
  1. Ritournelle says:

    C’est marrant, moi aussi j’ai testé le brunch là pour la première fois il y a quelques semaines, avec des pancakes en plus! Je les ai trouvé très bons, mais j’ai pas aimé l’ambiance du lieu : ils se prennent un peu trop au sérieux à mon goût…

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