Singapore City Guide

Singapore. Buildings. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit, yes, the subway, not a medicine). Food courts. People. Lots of people. Ion Orchard. Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street. “If you are continuing your journey on the North East line, please alight at the next station”. The MRT voice.

So many memories!

1) Chinatown:


This was my favourite neighbourhood. I loved walking through the overcrowded streets, looking at souvenirs, and weird Chinese medicines. You’ll also find some tailors, but I don’t know what clothes look like.

Stop by temples to fill your heart with peace and then, have a break at Shots, my favourite café on Club Street.


2) A drink at Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar, Ku Dé Ta:


And enjoy the amazing view on the city!


3) National Museum of Singapore (93 Stamford Rd):

Everything you need to know about Singapore. From women fashion, to local gastronomy and history. The museum is located in a very peaceful area with many universities and campuses around. It is a very nice place to have a walk.






4) St John’s and Kusu Islands:

Escape from the city, take the boat and let’s go to St John’s and Kusu Island. In St John’s Island, you’ll find… nothing. I really mean nothing, and almost nobody. The place is quiet, and lying in the sand with a view on palm trees AND Singapore is priceless.



In Kusu Island, you have turtles and almost nothing except a temple (where you can have noodles!), peace and… water pears (in the trees, they are delicious).


Sentosa Island is far more popular in Singapore, but there are many people there, especially on week-ends, so up to you.

5) Haji Lane:


A very nice street to have a drink at night and to shop the coolest clothes of Singapore. Kin and Headline Store are my favourites.

6) Singapore’s gardens:

Finally, let’s have a break in a garden. Singapore is going green and the Botanic Gardens and the Gardens by the Bay (Marina Bay Sands) are very nice ones.



The Botanic Gardens (not far from Orchard, but take the bus or a cab). They are very very vast and there is an orchid museum!


Gardens by the Bay and the sky trees

And… 7) food courts and restaurants!

(hey, what did you expect? you didn’t really think I would not talk about that, did you?)

For some people, Singapore could be a shopping city with Ion Orchard as its symbol. Shopping centres are everywhere, from the most luxurious ones to the most regular ones. BUT, for me, shopping centres meant FOOD COURTS! These wonderful places where you can find (almost) all simple Asian food. The best ones are at Ion Orchard (Food Opera, try the Indonesian BBQ), Food Republic (there are many places in Singapore) and Raffles City.


At Raffles City (for French people or bread addicts, go to Basement 1, there is Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier, the famous French baker. Cakes and bread are as wonderful as in Paris, and the kouign amann is AWESOME)

Singapore also has great restaurants!


At Open Door Policy (19 Yong Siak Street). Amazing food, great place, wonderful service. One word perfect.








(Too many pictures, I know)


At Zam Zam (699 North Bridge Rd) at Arab Street. Just in front of the mosque. It is authentic, unpretentious and very cheap. I guess that there are always a lot of people. I made there my last gastronomic crush: murtabaks (below). It is usually made with chicken, onions, egg and curry (it can be quite spicy sometimes, but it is delicious).

Above another typical Indian/Singaporean dish: the roti prata (I mean the “bread” with curry chicken).


I hope all this will help you to have nice holidays in Singapore! Have a nice trip!

5 Responses to “Singapore City Guide”
  1. Ritournelle says:

    Merci pour le voyage à travers les photos!

  2. Superbe compil’ vraiment
    Most of the people I know don’t really like Singapore, because compared to other major cities in Asia they found it too clean and not representative of the spirit in Asia. I never found this idea was correct, and I Love Singapore.
    Next thing I want to visit : The Botanics Garden

    • I really like Singapore too! but it’s true that is not “fully” Asian. Everything is going smooth, everything is clean. But so what? this is nice too :) and I really appreciated that when I came back from Ho Chi Minh City! (I should write a city guide too!)

  3. Olga B says:

    Belles photos comme toujours !! Ca donne envie

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