“Are you happy?”

Colorova: 47 rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, Paris 6ème (brunch on Saturdays and Sundays)

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Brunches in Paris can be very disappointing sometimes: random jams, dry scramble eggs, very salted stuffs… At Colorova, the newly opened salon de thé close to the rue de Rennes, you won’t be disappointed. Not this time. Sit in the comfortable chairs, under the cosy glass roof, take time to breath and welcome to the wonderful world of Colorova!

Everything is home-made (except for tea of course). Jams are wonderful, especially the chocolate one. Pastries are very tasty with this discrete flavour of butter that I love so much. Two dishes are included in the brunch. Totally new for me, I have never had soup on a Sunday morning, but the taste of the pumpkin soup and of the cauliflower soup with tonka bean made me feel like the little Ratatouille in the famous Disney movie (see what I’m talking about?).

At the end of the brunch, when I couldn’t stand up and felt so sad that I had to leave, the waitress came with the bill and said: “Are you happy?” with a bright smile. Definitely yes!

Above, the pumpkin soup.




Pastries and bread


Scramble eggs


The cauliflower soup with tonka bean and poached eggs


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