Semilla: 54 rue de Seine, Paris 6ème

First thing, I advise you to reserve a table few days before going there (call +33 1 43 54 34 50).

Last Saturday, after a walk in my neighbourhood, I decided to have dinner at Semilla… without having booked a table. Fortunately, I was very lucky. I had the last table which was available for that day. Actually, I went there at 7pm! very early for a Saturday night!

After the relief of having two seats at this overcrowded restaurant, the menu came. Oh, it was very hard to choose! The menu is divided in three “parts”: raw, grilled and… broth. Weird? not really. Anyway, the food there is delicious. Everything is cooked (almost) in front of us, in an open kitchen.

And I forgot to tell you, you can order courses in half portion!

Without more explanations, this is what I had that day:

Parsnip soup with coconut milk and ceps (OMG, I would have ordered it ten times)

Marinated salmon and sesame oil (the texture of this salmon is very different compared to what we know!)

Foie gras with artichoke cream (foie gras that melt in your mouth, sorry I won’t become vegetarian)

Black pig (not regular pig), red peppers and beans: not so healthy but so tasty!

Butter biscuit (palet breton) with lemon and passion fruit cream. Give me a palet breton and I’ll become crazy.

Maybe what we didn’t really like: spicy chocolate cream

And this is the restaurant:

And the handsome cooks!

6 Responses to “Semilla”
  1. Ritournelle says:

    Ca a l’air excellent!! Ca donne quoi côté prix?

    • 19 euros le midi: entrée + plat et le dessert est à part

      Environ 40 euros le soir (entrée + plat + dessert) en fonction de ce que tu prends et si tu commandes des demies portions :) Je ne me suis pas régalée comme ça depuis longtemps!

  2. Oh, that looks good. Going on my list!

  3. flo says:

    Ca a l’air délicieux tout ça!! Moi je suis plus du tout à la page pour tout ce qui est tendance culinaire parisienne!! va falloir que tu me fasses un petit récap à noël!!!;)

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