Restaurant Kei – 5 rue Coq Héron 75001 Paris

Kei. This name may sound more like a Japanese restaurant than French cuisine. But, no. The Japanese chef, Kei Kobayashi, une étoile Michelin, was born in Japan but fell in love with the French gastronomy. He learnt with the most famous chiefs, Jean-François Piège and Christophe Moret and in the most prestigious restaurants. And then, he opened its own restaurant in 2011.

Only one word: splendid.

I won’t comment all my pictures, because it will be too complicated for me to explain all. But if you go, you will love everything!


Sea bass (souffléed skin)

Lobster cracker

Pigeon and red fruits

Iberian pork

Too difficult to explain but the orange sorbet and basil ice cream were amazing

Make a guess! (chocolate and underneath, mango ice cream and mascarpone)

Little home made chocolates

Water melon bubbles and tomato sorbet

How did the chef guess that those were my favourite biscuits ?
Butter biscuits (palets bretons) and caramel.

One Response to “Kei”
  1. What a pleasure to see your picture about this phenomenum !
    I love this restaurant, I said it many times, even on my blog, and now, I want to go back again…
    Merci pour ce rappel en images ;-)

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