Still in Barcelona: Ferrum and En Ville (restaurants)

My new favorite restaurant in Barcelona is Ferrum (Carrer de Corsega, 400, Eixample district). Thanks Jessie ;)

We started with a cocktail (huge choice of gin tonics) in the cocktail bar next to the restaurant.

The traditional pa amb tomaquet (bread with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes) and jamon iberico de bellota (those pigs only eat acorns!)

Delicious gambas

Lamb a la milanese (with almonds) and potato crisps

Duck with Jeres Vineger with potatoes

(Can’t remember this main course)

Brownie! Yummy!

Chocolate mousse with olive oil and salt: A-MA-ZING

En Ville: Carrer del Doctor Nou, 14, El Raval district. The lunch menu is at 10€ (starter, main course, dessert and drinks, yes). The food is really good with fresh products. (It is much more expensive for dinner)

Fresh vegetables ad fruits salad

Vichyssoise (chilled vegetable soup): delicious!

Cannelloni with spinach a la catalana with emmental

Cod fish with risotto

Bon appétit!!!

3 Responses to “Still in Barcelona: Ferrum and En Ville (restaurants)”
  1. Céline says:

    Tu me fais rêver là…

  2. Galipette says:

    Ben au moins vous mangez bien, à Londres c’est plus dur…

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