Some of my uniforms and stuffs (or almost)

I tried to recreate my usual outfits on Polyvore but I must say that it is not easy to find the real clothes I wear.

Anyway, these are 3 “uniforms” that I really like with things which look like what I have.

Uniform 1: maybe to go to school, to do some shopping or to have lunch with some friends

Uniform 1

Uniform 2: to go out for dinner in Paris, or to go to the theatre

Uniform 2


Uniform 3: on Sundays, to be comfortable, to go to exhibitions, or just to go to the park

Uniform 3 (on Sundays)

Maybe I should take some pictures of my real “uniforms”, I think it would be easier and more personal, what do you think ?

4 Responses to “Some of my uniforms and stuffs (or almost)”
  1. Pauline says:

    Génial! J’adore chacun des styles, ils te correspondent parfaitement :-)

    Quelle est la marque du duffle coat jaune moutarde? Il est magnifique *__*


  2. Yes, you should definitely take some pictures of your “real life” uniforms. I’d love to see. I do like the blue jeans here, I bought a red pair in NYC recently, but really I was after blue, I just couldn’t find the right blue for me, but this is perfect.

  3. Ritournelle says:

    Tu as un style très Parisien ;-)
    Je suis d’accord avec Sarah : c’est toujours mieux de voir les vêtements portés, voir mis en scène dans les situations que tu décris.

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