Escale à Portofino

Some friends and I went to Portofino, one Saturday morning. It was a hot and sunny Italian morning, as usual, and after driving for a long hour from Lucca, the town where we study in Tuscany, we arrived in this lovely little town near the sea. Portofino, for some people is the Saint Tropez of Italy (for others, it is the Elba Island). It is a beautiful town with colourful houses, a lot of flowers and trees, but also with a lot of yachts and luxury shops (hello Hermès, Dior, Tod’s, Salvatore etc.).

We visited a modern art museum in a park, walked in the streets just thinking about a fresh drink and then went to a café near the harbour to have a panino con prosciutto, mozarella e pomodori fresci (a sandwhich with ham, mozarella and fresh tomatoes).

P.S. : I don’t speak Italian ;)

P.P.S. : I don’t really like this Dior perfume, Escale à Portofino

10 Responses to “Escale à Portofino”
  1. Hey,

    ces photos sont splendides, particulièrement la 1ere et la dernière. Serait-il possible de les avoir en grand format ?

    Btw, un grand bravo pour ce blog, pour en avoir un, je sais que les encouragements ne sont jamais mal venus. ;)

    Keep in.

  2. Helen says:

    Bellissimo! I’ve never been here.. would love to come back to Europe to go exploring again but need to start my graduate job first :(
    J’adore tes petits tidbits à la fin, mignon!
    PS concernant twitter + rome + chinese food, je pense que c’était là aussi où je connais un resto chinois mais je vais vérifier quand je reviens chez moi après travail aujourd’hui! xx

  3. Il me semble qu’il est possible de toutes les agrandir sauf la 1ere …

  4. noelani says:

    How did you find navigating Italy though you don’t speak Italian? You know it’s on husband’s short list but I keep going back to places where we speak at leas some of the language.

  5. PvdH says:

    I love Portofino! and yes, Italy is one country in Europe where speaking the language is an outmost necessity! I’m glad I stumbled into your blog.

    xx PvdH -designer and illustrator

  6. Ritournelle says:

    Magnifique!! Pourquoi ne suis-je pas allée là quand je vivais en Italie?!
    Tu as entendu parler des Cinque Terre? C’est une randonnée passant par 5 villages de la côte génoise que tu peux faire en une journée. C’est un peu les mêmes types de paysage, je te la recommande fortement!

  7. Milla says:

    Beautiful images that make me dream of being on holiday…

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