La Dolce Vita

Hello dear readers,

I have been in Tuscany for a little bit more than 1 week and I have so many things to do ! The region is beautiful,  and so is the weather, the Italian food is delightful (although I feel like I’m always eating pizza and pasta) and the Italians are very nice.

Here are some pictures of the cooking lesson I had last week (it was included in my summer course program ahahah). The menu : bruschetta, a salad that I can’t remember the name, home-made pasta with a Bolognese sauce, special fried chicken and a tiramisu with peach. The lesson took place in a lovely little villa in the countryside. I had so much fun and it was very tasty.

I have many pictures to upload, pictures of Portofino, Sienna and next week-ends, I will be in Florence and Rome !

Ciao, ciao !


7 Responses to “La Dolce Vita”
  1. noelani says:

    Stunning photos- the food is so vibrant! A feast for the eyes! Enjoy the trip, I can’t wait to see more photos. My husband is dying to go to Italy. But I just keep dragging him to France;)

  2. Ritournelle says:

    Ca a l’air trop booooon! C’est fou, en Italie même les restos qui ne paient pas de mine offrent les meilleurs repas du monde.
    Est-ce qu’ils font aussi les aperitivos là où tu es? (accès à un buffet à volonté pour le prix d’un verre)

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