Le Musée Rodin

Musée Rodin, 79 rue de Varenne, Paris 7ème

The Musée Rodin was created in 1916, one year before the death of Rodin (1840-1917). It was the house of the artist. Around 6,500 sculptures, thousands of drawings, and more things are presented there. You can visit the beautiful garden too.

L’âge mur by Camille Claudel, Rodin’s mistress. Claudel represented Rodin (the man in the middle), Rose, his wife (behind the man) and her (the young woman). This sculpture represents the choice Rodin had to make between his wife and her. He chose his wife, letting behind him the youth.

La Valse by Camille Claudel.

Balzac nu, by Rodin. Funny to see one of my favorite French writer naked !

La Défense by Rodin.

In the garden.

P.S. : for those who saw Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, this is the museum that Gil, his fiancee and the pedantic man (can’t remember his name !) visited. And of course, our dear Carla was the museum guide : “Rose was the wife, Camille the mistress”. By the way, did you like the movie ?

7 Responses to “Le Musée Rodin”
  1. K. says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post! I cannot wait to be there (in a week’s time!), I haven’t watched Midnight in Paris yet, is it on screen in Paris already? x x x

  2. Gosh what a lovely post. I loved seeing the works inside the museum and the gardens looked amazing. my favourite photo is the sculpture in the lake. I am hoping to see Midnight in Paris this weekend in NY, I shall let you know what I think – but I will also look out for the scene you mention, of course!


  3. Ritournelle says:

    Magnifiques ces photos! Je t’avoue que ma partie préférée du musée, c’est le jardin. Quelles vues! J’allais m’y balader des fois quand je passais des entretiens à Paris.
    Pas encore vu Midnight in Paris. C’est bien?

    Au fait je viens de me rendre compte que j’avais encore ton adresse de Tumblr dans le blogroll de mon blog. Je viens de mettre ton adresse WordPress. T’as pensé à le rappeler aux gens qui ont mis Sur les Pavés en lien pour leur blog?

  4. BOUVET Laura says:

    super photos :)

    un petit tour dans mon vide dressing ?
    par ici : http://lejardindelaura.blogspot.com/

    a très vite


  5. Gemma says:

    I believe you’re thinking of Paul! Wine, history and art buff extraordinaire…in his mind. A charming film and an even more charming museum!


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